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Coping with physical impairment caused by a childhood accident, Samantha Douglas is certain her heart’s desire—a husband and children of her own—is forever out of reach.

Prince Rudolf Kazanov fled his homeland to protect his English mother and young daughter. Accustomed to society’s shallow beauties, Prince Rudolf is drawn to Samantha’s rare beauty that emanates from the heart.

But as passion brings them together, the prince’s enemies close in.

“Just the right amount of excitement and heat. Also quite funny.”

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FLIRTING WITH DEATH ( romantic mystery) will be released in 2018. I am now working n the next book in the Kazanov prince/ Flambeau sisters series. That will also be released in 2018.  Join my readers list and get notified of the actual release dates. You have a chance to win a free book. I want to thank my readers for their patience.


Five Star review for Seducing the Prince

Regina Bradford, the Countess of Langley, did not get her “happily ever after”. Her father Reginald Smith, a wealthy business man, married her off to an impoverished earl to gain an aristocratic title for the family. Regina is miserable in her marriage to ‘Chuck’ Charles, the Earl of Langley, who is cheating on her on with the blonde beauty, Princess Adele Kazanov. Regina is an aspiring author, and despite her husband’s cruelty to her and his disdain for her writing, she is determined to finish her manuscript. She & her best friend Ginger Evans have an escape fund, using Ginger’s mathematical prowess the pair have investments & go by the name Mr Evans Smith. Reggie has her loyal butler Pickles, and her protective Great Dane, Hamlet who are definitely ‘in her corner’. Regina meets the darkly handsome Prince Viktor Kazanov at the Duke of Inverary’s house party, & the attraction between the pair is apparent from their first meeting.

Prince Viktor Kazanov wants a divorce. He is fed up with his wife Adele’s adultery with the Earl of Langley, and her lack of love for their daughter, Sally. At the Duke of Inverary’s house party, Viktor meets Regina and is immediately drawn to her wit, intelligence, and her fiery red-headed beauty. He decides then and there that he will begin divorce proceedings and free himself and his daughter from his cold-hearted wife. Then Adele and Charles are found murdered, suspicion turns to both Viktor and Regina, and the authorities seek to arrest them for the deaths of their spouses. Then there are more murders & the law turns it’s eye on Regina although Runner Amadeus Black thinks her innocent, he also thinks Ginger is amazing.

I’ve read other books by the author & thoroughly enjoyed them so I was a little disappointed when I started this book as it seemed very slow & not going anywhere for the first quarter. I think if I’d come to the book with no prior knowledge of the author I might have struggled, however I’m glad I did as the pace picked up & I was then engrossed. So persevere the house party is setting the scene for the rest of the book. Viktor & Reggie are immediately attracted to each other & he actually sees her as a lovely, intelligent woman & is great for her self esteem. They are both likeable as are the other characters. Both Reggie & Ginger are strong characters no simpering misses but intelligent strong women. The book is a mystery murder as well as an historical romance, there’s also more than one romance. An enjoyable read & I look forward to reading more from the author