The Devereux Series

Highland Belle

 Brigette Devereux has the face of an angel and the spirit of a wildcat. Wed by proxy to a Scottish earl, the ward of Queen Elizabeth runs away…straight into the arms of a handsome stranger. After  surrendering to his seduction, Brigette discovers his true identity. Her husband.

Lord Iain MacArthur believes he’s won his biddable bride’s  heart.  Iain discovers his bride is not biddable or forgiving  of his duplicity. From Scotland’s blue lochs to London’s back alleys, Iain pursues his runaway bride, determined to win her heart.


Winner if B. Dalton Award for best selling 1st time author 1991

Winner of Bookrak Award for best selling Historical Romance 1991

Winner of Waldenbooks Award for best selling 1st time author 1991


“HIGHLAND BELLE is a delightful romp of a book! Read and enjoy!”   — Bertrice Small

“A tale of such high adventure, excitement, and sensual lusty romance…. hours of reading fun.”        — Rendezvous Magazine

“If you love wild adventures, fiery verbal sparring, and tempestuous romance, then you’ll be enthralled. You’re in for a fun read with this quick-paced, humorous, delightful romance by a strong talent.”  — Romantic Times Magazine

“Patricia Grasso writes a wonderful, sensual love story. Interesting characters give HIGHLAND BELLE its appeal long after the villain is revealed.”  — Affaire de Coeur Magazine

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Emerald Enchantment


Desert Eden

Heather Devereux set sail for France to marry the Comte de Beaulieu, a man she’s never met. But a band of Arab pirates hijack the ship, bringing the beautiful young Englishwoman as a prize to their notorious Ottoman prince. Defiant, innocent Heather finds herself the captive of Prince Khalid, a fiercely bold warrior who makes her his slave and thinks he can bend her to his will.

He is called ‘the Sultan’s Beast and feared by all except this courageous beauty who challenges him a none other had ever dared.  She will be his instrument  of revenge on the hated Comte de Beaulieu, but Prince Khalid cannot give up his English ‘wildflower’. He will give her luxury, tenderness, passion.

Even as she finds heaven in his arms, Khalid knows she will never be his until he gives her the one thing she desires most.


Amazon top 100

Barnes and Noble bestseller

Waldenbooks bestseller


“A delightful captor/ captive romance complete with verbal sparring, overpowering sexual tension, and heated sensuality. Once you pick up Patricia Grasso’s lusty tale, you won’t be able to put it down.” —  Romantic Times

“Enough adventure and romance for any reader’s satisfaction. Highly recommended! —  Rendezvous Magazine

“A desert tale for those who love a wisecracking heroine, a scowling sheik, and a host of hilarious minor characters. Best of all, where the heat of passion turns to lasting love.” —

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Love in a Mist

“Trust the man who wears the flaming crown and possesses the golden touch. Beware the blacksmith’

Cast out of Wales after her mother’s death, Keely Glendower travels to England  to find her natural father, the Duke of Ludlow. She wears her magical pendant and carries within her heart her mother’s prophetic words. Though there is no love lost between the Welsh and the English, Keely cannot resist the heated gaze of Richard Devereux, England’s wealthiest earl, the English  queen’s  ‘Midas’.

Despite her eccentric ways, Richard is drawn to Keely. Just gazing at the raven-haired, violet-eyed beauty kindles passion he’s never known. Richard is a very determined man, but when a long-buried secret is revealed, can the earl use his power to protect them or will his eneemis destroy them?


Finalist National Readers Choice Award

Waldenbooks and Barnes and Noble bestseller lists

Amazon top 100


“a bawdy romp through Elizabethan England.”  — Publisher’s Weekly

“Humor and adventure infuse this lusty tale, creating a high energy story that is a joy to read from start to finish. Rapier-like verbal sparring, lush descriptions, and sensuous love scenes.” — Rendezvous Magazine

“mixing magic, romance, and lively adventure, Patricia Grasso delivers an exciting rale resounding  with memorable characters.” — Romantic Times Magazine

“a touch of magic and a but of whimsy, the requisite stubborn heroine and the more than wiling hero. This melding of two cultures is done beautifully done as the Welsh princess meets the Englishman, and finds that boundaries have no bearing on the heart. And a little bit of magic can’t hurt.”

“Exciting historical romance, endearing characters, a fun to read tale.” — Affaire de Coeur

“A classic Grasso read! Her character development unique and the reader will fall in love with Richard. Keely is ‘innocent’ but not totally unaware, which makes her a strong lead. A timeless romance.” — Historical Romance Writers Book Review

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Courting an Angel

His devastating smile shattered her peace of mind.

Rob MacArthur, the eight-year-old girl with the boy’s name, married the fifteen marquess. He promised to be her knight and slew the monster beneath her bed. After the wedding, the young marquess left and forgot abut his bride for then years.

Rob grew up an outsider in her own clan, the reason a birthmark (sign of a witch) on her hand.  She visited her uncle in London and refused to return to Scotland.

Refusing to give her an annulment, Gordon Campbell rode to London to fetch his wife. The child bride had grown into a beautiful woman with ebony hair and green eyes.

Gordon forces her to ride north to the homeland she feared. Vowing to win her love again, he never thought he could lose his heart to her. 

Danger awaited them in Scotland. Enemies surrounded them at King James’ court. Even his ancestral home, Inverary Castle, offers no safe refuge.


Winner — National Readers Choice Award


“For those who clamor for Highland love stories, this is a must read. This book is a delightful play between Rob and Gordon as they learn that the knight who slew the monster beneath the little girl’s bed had always held her hert in his hands. All they needed was to believe in love.    5 GOLD stars  — Heartland Critiques

“A marvelously entertaining  romance… a magical blend of romance, humor, and adventure. A quick-paced read filled with heart-warming characters, A heavenly read will bring joy to your heart and a smile to your face.”  5 STARS —Affaire de Coeur Magazine

“Anther stunning novel. Vivid characters set in a bold, sweeping story infused with humor and sensuality bringing 16th century England and Scotland to life. Readers will be hooked from page one.”  —- Rendezvous Magazine

“…. a lively, carefully detailed, sensual highland tale and demonstrates her (Grasso’s) superb story-telling talent.”   ——- Romantic Times Magazine

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My Heart’s Desire

“Find happiness with the soaring eagle in the Place of the Winds.  Beware the dark sun.”

Lady Blythe Devereux has always loved Roger Debrett, the Earl of Eden, Queen Elizabeth’s soaring eagle. Blythe knows with her druid’s instinct that they are meant to be together. And fate will prove her right, if only she can make Roger see the truth.

Fate deals Roger a cruel blow when he’s wrongly accused of murder. In order to secure his freedom so that he can uncover the truth, Roger is forced to marry Blythe, the beloved daughter of one of England’s most powerful and favored men, Richard Devereux, the Earl of Basildon.

With his heart hardened against love, Roger tries to see Blythe as the young girl he’d known years earlier, but her seductive beauty, warmth, and charm entice him at every turn. And when an unseen killer stalks them through the halls of Hampton Court Palace, Roger must do more than catch a killer. He must protect his heart’s desire.


Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award

Barnes and Noble bestseller

Amazon top 100


“A great book, set in Elizabethan England. Some magic, some steamy scenes, a mystery, and some laugh out loud moments.” — NetGalley Review

“Once again Patricia Grasso enchants readers with a highly romantic, adventurous and mystical tale. Blythe’s druid practices and her strong faith in Roger and their love shine through on every page along with humor and sensuality. Patrica Grasso is a not-to-missed author.” — Romantic Times Magazine

“MY HEART’S DESIRE has a mystical aura. Conflict is created by internal trauma of the characters and an unknown villain. Tension tightens to the breaking point as the hero tries to keep from falling in under the spell of the heroine. Steadfast love coupled with undying faith are the focal points of the story. A good historical with a touch of mystery.” —  Rendezvous Magazine

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Pagan Bride (short story)