Dukes Trilogy

Enchanting the Duke (formerly Violets in the Snow)

He was her guardian, the duke of darkness and danger.

She tried to drive him from Arden Hall. Instead, Isabelle Montgomery was charmed by the rakehell John Saint Germain, the Duke of Avon. He said she was his ward, and he’d come to sweep her off to London and a proper debut. Isabelle’s guardian angel had promised a dark prince would be sent by destiny to save her. But Saint Germain’s scorching appraisal suggested she’d need protection from him.

No woman could refuse the dashing John Saint Germain, Duke of Avon, arrogant and dark as sin. Saint Germain had known betrayal and vowed no woman would claim his heart again. But he hadn’t reckoned on an innocent beauty who slammed the door in his face. Much against his will, he’d agreed to become her temporary guardian and prepare her for London’s marriage market. But now he was determined to claim her for his own, oblivious of the enemies he’d earned pursuing the woman who had become his heart, his soul, his destiny.


Romantic Times KISS Award.

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“an awesome book!  Patricia Grasso has a wonderful way portraying her characters with humor and grace. Her writing style is light and quick-paced, and holds the readers attention. If you enjoy a good laugh, this is the book for you.” — Literary Times

“Cinderella with spunk, style, and more than a few surprises. The dialogue is sharp and the interaction between characters believable. It’s a story about accepting your destiny and seeing with your heart. Tells what happens between the wedding and the happily-ever-after. It’s a keeper!” — Romance Reader Reviews

“…a fairy tale wizardry that only an adult could enjoy. A delightful cast of characters keep you entertained page after page. The joys and experience of first love. Fairy tale magic.” — Rendezvous Magazine

“Combining a touch of paranormal with the classic Cinderella tale, Grasso has crafted another winner. Delight in this refreshing tale.” — Romantic Times Magazine

“…a brilliant placing of the Cinderella story into a Regency romance setting. A fairy tale, fun to read story.” — Harriet Klausner

“A stunning Regency to captivate anyone. Splendid!” — Bell, Book, Candle

“5 stars…”  — Heartland Critiques

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No Decent Gentleman

Sabrina Savage has never met Adam St. Aubyn but felt she’s known him her whole life. Adam, the Marquess of Stonehurst, comes to her rescue. He helps Sabrina toll the bell for her deceased father and promises to help her discover the truth of her father’s death.

At the reading of the will, Sabrina learns she’s been betrothed to Adam since chldhood. he’s come to collect his bride.

Sabrina bristles at being betrothed without her permission and challenges Adam to release her from that promise if she meets another suitor during her one and only Season. Though she tries, Sabrina cannot resist the subtle seduction of this mysterious nobleman.


Waldenbooks best-selling list

3 weeks on Ingram’s most requested title


“The story line is fun. Grasso’s humorous style works well as does sexual tension she creates.”  —- Publisher’s Weekly

“A well-written breathtaking tale. The characters will charm you. Their compassion and determination will keep you turning page after page after glorious page. Captivating.”  —-Rendezvous

“Highly recommended. A heroine both spunky and intelligent. A romantic blend of male virility and feminine wiles. Loyalty validates a plot with twists and turns. Ms. Grasso continues to keep high standards.”   — Under the Covers

“Engaging Characters.  A delightful and intriguing read from a true talent.” —– Romantic Times Magazine

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To Tame a Duke

 James Armstrong, the Duke of Kinross, vows revenge against the Gilded Lily, an American agent who caused his brother’s death. When he discovers the man he wants dead is actually a woman, James abducts her and sails for England to take her out of action for the duration of the war (1812). 

 Lily Hawthorne, the notorious Gilded Lily, a wharf rat from Boston’s waterfront, possesses a photographic memory and quotes Shakespeare for every occasion. Her first duty is not to the American cause but the promise she made to her dying mother to protect her younger brother.


Amazon best-selling top 100


” fast-paced story of opposites attracting, mistrust, and learning to love when divided loyalties are tested. James and Lily will leave you laughing and eagerly awaiting more from the talented Ms. Grasso.”      —- Romantic Times

“A witty romp. Classic Grasso. A Cinderella  story with a unique fairy godmother, Lily’s young brother, a special needs boy.  Historical Romance at its Best.”    —-The Best Reviews

“Inventive and Sensuous.”  —— Hannah Howell 

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