Kazanov Princes / Flambeau Sisters

To Charm a Prince

Life taught her to fend for herself.

The second daughter of an bankrupt, alcoholic earl, Samantha Douglas was forced to cope with a physical impairment caused by a childhood accident. Certain that her heart’s desire—a husband and children of her own—is forever out of reach, keeps bitterness at bay and manages to retain her optimism.

Life taught him to be bitter.

Prince Rudolf Kazanov has fled his homeland to protect his English mother and young daughter. Accustomed to society’s shallow beauties, Samantha’s spirit and courage draw the prince to her side from the moment they meet. Prince Rudolf recognizes Samantha’s rare beauty that emanates from the heart.

Fate throws them together, and passion brings them closer. Will these lovers heal each other’s pain? Or will the prince’s enemies keep them from fulfilling a love neither thought possible?


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“What a simple pleasure to read.”  — Romantic Times Magazine

“A solid Regency historical. The Scottish interlude was the most fabulous part of the book. A touch of paranormal and Samntha’s adopted sons were a delight.”  — The Romance Readers Connection

“Kept me up all night.  A beautiful story full of hopes and dreams  and love can be found even when you don’t want it.” — Romance Reviews

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Beauty and Earl (formerly To Love a Princess)

A princess in danger…

Princess Amber Kazanov needs a husband. She flees her native Russia and takes refuge in England with her cousin Prince Rudolf Kazanov and his English wife. Prince Rudolf knows only one man who has the power and the strength to protect his cousin. Arriving at the Earl of Stratford’s estate, Rudolf makes an outrageous proposition.

A broken man grieving for his wife…

Miles Montgomery, the Earl of Stratford, wants to be left alone. Since losing his beloved wife in a fire, Miles has sat in the dark and waited for his own death. Until the day a beautiful princess walks into his home seeking marriage and the protection of his name. Amber’s beauty attracts Miles, but her courageous heart shakes him to his core.

Drawn to Miles, Princess Amber sees beneath his masked scars and gruff exterior. Her love persuades him to push aside his bitterness and truly live and love again. Can Miles keep Amber safe when her enemies arrive in England? Or will his past return to haunt him?


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“Skillfully done…”  — Romantic Times Magazine

“Beauty and the beast on a wild ride through London and Stratford-on-Avon.” — Rakehell.com

“5 stars. Excellent read. Great combination of romance, drama, and intrigue.” —   Barnes and Noble

“More than 5 stars. An absolute treasure of a romance. A fleeing princess, a scared and grieving earl, two souls who need each other, a love that transcends. Delicious.” — Amazon.com

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Seducing the Prince

Pawned off by her father to a dissolute earl, Regina Bradford devotes herself to writing, nursing her secret dreams of becoming a novelist. It isn’t long before she attracts the admiration of Prince Viktor Kazanov, a man locked in an equally unhappy marriage. Yet, even as Regina loses her heart to the dashing aristocrat, she does not surrender completely.

Scandal erupts when Viktor is accused of murdering his faithless wife and her lover, Regina’s husband. As much as Viktor regretted his marriage, he’d never resort to murder. And no one is more stunned than he when Regina testifies to a packed courtroom that he cannot possible be guilty … because he passed the night at her house.

The wave of gossip and intrigue that ensues is just the beginning of an adventure that will change their lives forever. Now, unseen dangers threaten Regina, Viktor must seize the one chance to write the perfect ending to their story.


Rhapsody Book Club’s Heartthrob of the Month, Prince Viktor

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“A totally enjoyable book. This book had it all – humor, intrigue, romance.”  — Romance Junkies

“A wonderful historical. Full of scandal and  intrigue” — Rakehell.com

“Ms. Grasso’s characters are riveting and wonderful .Plot twists will keep the readers turning the pages.” — aromancereview.com

“Ms. Grasso has a wonderful gift for telling a story. The reader will be seduced by our dark romantic hero and his spunky true love.” — historicalromancewriters.com

“… an amazing adventure in happily ever after. A delightful story will make you laugh and cry.” — writersunlimited.com

“the best of the best” — Leisurereaders.com

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Pleasuring the Prince

 She has a secret.

 Fancy Flambeau is many things: the eldest in a family of seven sisters, a talented opera singer, and the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman. No one knows his identity, including her sisters. And Fancy wants to keep it that way. She refuses to end like her mother, a woman who gave everything to the man she loved and lost. Fancy is determined to make her own way in life and provide for her family without interference from any man.

He has a plan.

Stepan Kazanov is many things: the youngest in a family of five brothers, a wealthy prince, and the son of a mother who suffered at the hands of a cruel husband. Stepan is determined man who goes after what he wants, the magnificent Fancy Flambeau. Can he make her see that not every aristocrat is not her father? With a killer on the loose in London whose victims are opera singers, dancers, and actresses, can Stepan convince the strong-willed Fancy to trust his ability to protect her?


“An exceptional story. Engaging,, heart-warming, funny, and touching in equal measure.”    —   5 stars. Lighthouse Literary Review

“Passionate and innovative. Something for everyone: passion and romance, mystery and suspense, humor and heart-warming tenderness. Highly recommended” — 5 stars. The Romance Studio

“Another keeper by Ms. Grasso.” — Love Romances

“Fresh and unique romance. Very entertaining read.” —  Kwips and Kritiques.

“Ms Grasso’s true gift is excellent character development.” —  5 stars. Joyfully Reviewed

 “Fast, easy and delightful historical rormance read. Kudos to Ms. Grasso for another winner.” —       5 stars. Amazon

“Strong, likeable characters.” —  Harriet Klausner

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Tempting the Prince

From award-winning and best-selling author, Patricia Grasso, comes the second book in the romantic series about seven sisters who find love in Regency England.

She has a gift for healing others . . .

When raven-haired, violet-eyed Belle Flambeau suffers a brutal knife attack, she is left with a deep scar on her cheek and the pain of knowing she will never get her heart’s desire… a husband and children. Until the day Prince Mikhail Kazanov spies her sitting in the garden of her father, the Duke of Inverary’s home.

He has a passion for loving her . . .

A widower with a four-year-old daughter, Mikhail contrives with Belle’s family to marry the gentle beauty and give his daughter Bess the loving mother she yearns for. Fighting off cruel barbs from the ton and an unknown murderer bent on slashing his victims, can Mikhail protect his wife from the dangers that threaten both her heart and very life?


“A delightful heroine in Belle, a solid counterpart in Mikhail, and a witty supporting cast.”  —    Publishers Weekly

 “… historical romance with a twist. Sexy and fun, with a dash of mystery” —   Melissa, Joyfully Reviews

 “A delightful Regency romance. Action packed story line. Belle is one of the most fascinating characters among a horde of interesting layers.” —  Harriet Klausner

 “An enchanting story with a subtle “Beauty and the Beast” tale.” —  Detra Fitch, Huntress reviews

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Enticing the Prince

Marrying the Marquis